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Practice Areas

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In addition to our lengthy history in protecting clients  and winning cases in corporate and governmental law, Hudson, Reed & McCreary, PLLC also offers services in the following areas:

The Comprehensive Services of Your Murfreesboro Attorney 

At Hudson, Reed & McCreary PLLC, we understand the law. We’ve helped clients work through difficult situations and those that were out of their control. Contact us when you need an attorney.

Contact us when you need an attorney, call 615-893-5522.

Divorce/Child Custody

Divorce law is complex, especially when children are involved. Do you need a law firm that understands the importance of listening to your particular concerns? Hudson, Reed & McCreary, PLLC can help. We have decades of experience dealing with divorce cases and working through complex issues including, but not limited to: divorce plans, parenting plans, child custody, schooling, property and debt, tax implications, asset ownership, addiction, infidelity, in-laws and alimony.

Criminal Law

Civil litigation is typically a noncriminal dispute between two parties. The criminal litigation definition says that a court of law is supposed to treat you as innocent until proven guilty. Let us help you, no matter how serious your crime. Make sure you have a criminal defense counsel if you are about to undergo criminal litigation.

Personal Injury

Personal injury cases impact you in many ways. Beyond your physical injuries, you might suffer emotional and financial stress. Did you sustain injuries while on a bike, when bitten by a dog, or as the result of a slip and fall? You need representation in your quest for compensation.

Commercial Litigation

Commercial litigation can put your business at risk. You may need the services of our firm if you’re involved in professional malpractice, sexual harassment or collections claims. You might call if you’re facing non-compete contract or franchise disputes. We can represent your best interests while you focus on your business.

Employment Law

Who is on your side in a workers’ compensation case? Does your current employer have your best interests in mind? What about the insurance company hired by your employer? When you hire Hudson, Reed & McCreary, PLLC, we are on your side and know how to successfully fight for you.

There are multiple moving parts in any workers’ compensation case, and you may be eligible for compensation in one or many of these segments: disability, medical care, rehabilitation expenses, lost wages and other damages. Do NOT do this alone. With decades of experience in workers’ compensation cases in Rutherford and surrounding counties, we can help.

Estate Planning/Wills/Probate

Estate planning can help you determine the best division of your property. Don’t leave your grieving family to face these decisions. Our firm also offers compassionate and professional help with the administration of wills and cases involving probate court. Contact us for representation and more information during this difficult time.

Land Use/Zoning Law

Hudson Reed McCreary PLLC has extensive experience in all manner of land use and zoning law matters both before courts and administrative body throughout middle Tennessee.

Civil Rights/Constitutional Law

The U.S. Constitution offers you specific rights, including protection against illegal searches, police brutality and discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex or national origin. You have the right to appropriate treatment while in custody. If you believe that your rights have been violated, your best recourse is legal representation.

Contract Law

Most people enter into a contract at some point in their lives. If documentation hasn’t been written correctly, it may not be binding. Before you accept a verbal agreement for services from a home repair specialist or move forward with a corporate merger, visit with an attorney.

Corporate Law

Corporate law encompasses the interactions between creditors, directors, employees and shareholders. Some areas of corporate law are tricky. Our legal services in this area may include the drafting of contracts and related negotiations, the dissolution of businesses, employee agreements, the creation of retirement and severance packages, and litigation as necessary.

Insurance Law

When you go up against an insurance company, you probably won’t be engaged in a fair match. After paying your premiums for many years, you should be able to expect coverage. Unfortunately, insurance companies are often more concerned about their bottom line. We’ll work with you to find a solution.

Bankruptcy Law

Bankruptcy is a process in which a consumer or business eliminates some or all of their debts and receives federal protection. Typically, there are two types: liquidation (Chapter 7) and reorganization (Chapter 13). Bankruptcy can become complex if there are significant assets and multiple debtors. Let us help you navigate your bankruptcy case. Hudson, Reed & McCreary, PLLC has decades of experience helping businesses and individuals during these potentially anxious times.

Real Estate Law

Hudson Reed McCreary PLLC has extensive experience assisting with real estate matters from complex commercial transactions to individual home sales and lease. We can help you with all of your real estate needs.

General Civil Litigation and Appellate Law

Civil litigation refers to those cases that end up in a courtroom. You’ll need legal representation as you face a judge and jury. Appellate law is composed of the rules and procedures that govern trial court judgements. Appeals are made when you believe courtroom errors affected your outcome.

Business Transaction and Acquisition Law

Business transaction and acquisition law governs the formation of corporations, the hiring of employees and many of the other activities important to the business world. Much of this work involves the writing of contracts. When you hope to buy or sell a business, you’ll need assistance from an experienced professional.

Landlord/tenant law

Our law firm represents both landlords and tenants in the preparation, negotiation, and disputes concerning commercial and residential lease agreements