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Probate and Why It's Sometimes Best to Avoid It


Many people have heard horror stories concerning probate. People who have dealt with the probate process, after the death of a loved one, may quickly advise others to avoid it whenever possible.

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Five Tips to Help Make the Divorce Process a Little Easier


Divorces become more complicated when people allow their emotions to control their actions. Ending a relationship is never easy, and the division of assets and concerns about children make it even more of a challenge. Identifying common mistakes will help you to avoid future regrets. Here is what everyone entering this situation should understand.

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Do Grandparents Have Rights in Tennessee?


The issue of grandparent rights is not uniform across the board. In fact, each state has different laws about custody and visitation. No matter the location, grandparents' rights are complex and ever-changing. In Tennessee, the laws may be difficult to apply without legal help.

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